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From the list of geographical zones under step 1 on the left above select those that are of interest to you, or which contain your regions of interest at a lower level of geography. If you need to progress to display and select zones at lower levels, press the appropriate button to the right of the list under step 2. For example, if you are interested in obtaining data from the County of Devon, you would progress to selecting it by first selecting England at step 1, and then pressing the 'select counties' button in step 2. This will refresh the screen to display a list of all the counties within England, from which you can then select Devon.

Once you have made a final selection of your regions of interest, proceed to the next stage of the process in which you will define the geographical level at which you require data from within your defined regions of interest by pressing the 'select output level' button under step 3. For example, following from above, you may require data for all districts within the County of Devon.

NB - As ennumeration districts are the lowest level of geography available, there is only a two-step process once the enumeration district selection page is reached.